Super Bowl Monday is going to be an exciting night. Elite football playing, special top-tier commercials, and, for many, a large party to go to. Whether you’re going to your friend’s house, a sports bar, or even hosting a party yourself, there’s a lot of preparation to do. But it’ll be worth it in the end; a national event will be enjoyed, and it’ll be a talking point for the next week or so.

Yet a disturbing want has cropped up among these sports fans. Due to the level of intoxication and sleeplessness that people are going to endure to enjoy the Super Bowl, they are pushing for a national holiday. You know, to recover. From partying. That’s hard work, all right.

People in support of that idea: It’s not going to happen. Use some self control, darn it. Going to drink? Keep it under control. Going to stay up into the wee hours? Take some power naps throughout the day if you can, or try and maximize your sleep time.

The good news, holiday hopeful, is that a lot of people are going to watch the game. Heck, Super Bowl XL is the second most-watched television event in history. I’m pretty sure that everyone’s going to try and take it easy tomorrow.

You don’t need a whole day off to recuperate from a sporting event. Unless you’re a player, of course.

Let The Super Bowl Monday Idea Die

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2 responses to “Super Bowl Monday

  1. The question I have is why was Superbowl XL the second most watched show in history? Do that many people in the world have nothing better to do thatn indulge in lemmings to the sea behaviour so that they have something to talk to their co workers about on Superbowl Monday? I say let the Superbowl Die.

  2. I’ve been using a vacation day on Superbowl Monday since last century. I love the idea of making it a holiday as I already have effectively done for myself. Why oppose adding a holiday? Work always sucks unless you are the rare bird who actually enjoys your day job.

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