Getting Anxious Over Spelling Someone’s Name

We all have them. People who you know, but aren’t quite friends with. You may talk occasionally, or at least know/recognize them in passing, but you never really connected on the friend level. Often, we’ll have a couple of these people with only a foot in the door to our lives. We may know them as neighbors, or as coworkers and classmates. then, something dreadful happens: You’re assigned a project with a group of these acquaintances and you’re the writer. No time to see how to spell their names from a list; they’re all standing over you, waiting for you to take action.

Trembling, you start with your own name. A pretty safe bet. Can’t get that wrong. Hopefully.

Maybe you’re able to pin down the names of less unknown friends. Almost there, just a few more.

And then, BAM. You’re stuck. You know their name, but you have no idea how the letters fit together.

Think. Is it Kristy? Maybe it’s got an “i”. Kristi? That doesn’t look right. Kristie? Ehh… Cristie? Cristy? Cristi? Maybe their name’s pseudo-religious. Christie? Accursed hard ‘k’ sounds. Perhaps it’s Keristee? Stop being silly. No one has a name like that. Maybe it’s short for Kristin…stop daydreaming!

…Come on, people. Just ask for that person’s name and its spelling. If they’re understanding, they won’t get too butthurt over your lack of naming knowledge.

“It’s Kreistee.”
“And my last name’s Kurdantropihationtionapopolis. It’s spelled like it sounds.”
     “….How about we take turns writing?”

Let Getting Anxious Over Spelling Someone’s Name Die

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One response to “Getting Anxious Over Spelling Someone’s Name

  1. Or worse, when they volunteer the spelling but in a roundabout way that jams every possibility into your brain for later like Kari the babysitter in The Incredibles:

    “Kari – Kari McKeen. Its like Carrie only a K instead of a C and an ‘ah’ instead of an “eh” and only one ‘r’ and an ‘i’ instead of an ‘ie’.”

    I knew people in school who did just that…

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