Cheyenne Cherry may have no idea who this person is. In fact, I’m willing to bet a lot of you don’t.

So, here’s some required reading for today’s entry.
Read the whole thing, don’t just skim it.

Done? Good. Now, regular readers should note how I’ve taken up arms against animal cruelty for stupid reasons before, and this time is no different.

Cheyenne Cherry is getting off easy. This little “joke” cost the life of an animal. But there’s more. And in order to explain my thoughts, I need to change who I’m addressing.

Ms. Cherry, you were fully aware of what you were doing. Your previous animal violence shows that you don’t even have an iota of remorse for what happened. Addiitonally, you killed this cat with the intention of harming another person in the process. And that’s a trauma two-fer.

Don’t worry, you accomplished your goal, and certainly upset a whole lot more people than you intended. That one-year sentence is too good for you, despite your age.

Way to go, you vapid, immoral, selfish, prissy, and hurtful waste of carbon.

Let Cheyenne Cherry Die

Photo Credits: Here


2 responses to “Cheyenne Cherry

  1. She should be put in an oven and see how she likes it. Seriously, I call for a lynching!

  2. Who the F*&k is this bitch? I agree, the oven for her, lynching is too quick. We have enough a-holes in this world, one less would be a blessing.


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