Flinching From The Toaster

A beautiful, sunny morning awaits you. You get out of bed, get dressed, and go through your morning routine. Then, shazam – it’s breakfast time. So, you pop in a bagel, press some buttons on your fancy toaster, and hear the small metallic sizzle of the toaster’s innards. You’ve prepared all your other breakfast items, and begin to drowsily stare at the appliance while relaxing in your chair.


Startled, you lurch in your chair, trying to identify what sinister act has occurred. Nothing malicious here – your bagel is finished, that’s all.

Some people will never have this reaction. Others will jump a little every time. It’s even harder to resist when you’re actively trying to not flinch – try it, you’ll see.

Though I’m not so sure “noiseless” would be a big selling point for toasters.

Let Flinching From The Toaster Die

Photo Credits: Here


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