Could Of, Should Of, Would Of, no, no! “Of” does not go after these words! You’ve somehow transformed a pronunciation into a grammatical error!

The “of” you speak of is actually a contraction of “have” – could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. I should have covered this before, and I could have done so sooner, but I was not hoping I would have had to say anything about this at all!

Geez, people, get it right.

Let Could Of, Should Of, and Would Of Die

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4 responses to “Could Of, Should Of, Would Of

  1. On a similar note, there is also ec cetera.

    And “It’s a doggy dog world.”

    Don’t get me started.

  2. Well put.

    English Teacher

  3. Yes this should die, and quickly!

  4. You could of, would of, should of posted this earlier xD

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