https://i1.wp.com/www.blogcdn.com/www.massively.com/media/2008/07/g4tvlogo.pngA couple years ago, TechTV was taken over by G4 Media. Viewers hoped that shows like The Screen Savers and X-Play would be preserved. After a brief transitional period, many viewers became disappointed – The Screen Savers was vanquished, along with many other original TechTV programming.

G4 did try to maintain a foothold as a gaming station, however – X-Play was preserved, as was Cheat!. Also, G4 replaced The Screen Savers with Attack of the Show!, a broader technology-based program.

Recently, G4 has consolidated Cheat! into X-Play. Additionally, AOTS only airs four days a week.

So, what’s on the rest of the time?

Well, you’ve got the overnight hours, which is primarily dominated by infomercials. Not terribly surprising. It’ll slide.

The disappointing programming occurs during the day. Episodes of syndicated shows are run constantly. There are reruns of Heroes, Lost, and Cops shown on a regular basis. Also, more Oriental programming, like Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke, is also used to fill up space.

So, this former nerd haven consists of 22 hours of needless shows, and 2 hours of actually interesting programs.

I’m not mad at you, G4; I’m disappointed. Take a look at Game Trailers TV some time – that’s the sort of thing you should be developing.

For now, however…

Let G4 Die

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