Stealing Wireless Internet

You know those unsecured, default name routers you may encounter in your travels? Perhaps you can locate a couple from your home? Well, then I’ve got news for you: Don’t use those routers as a frequent internet source.

That’s known as stealing.

For those that disagree, are you paying for the internet? No? Stealing.

Should you be exempt from penalties because there’s no encryption established? No.

If you can’t understand that what you’re doing is against the law, you need tied up with a CAT-5 cable and beat over the head with a router.

Let Stealing Wireless Internet Die


One response to “Stealing Wireless Internet

  1. Stealing internet is the worst. If you do it, people can mess with you. If people do it to you, you are being stolen from and whatever sites they go to are marked as you went to them.

    Overall, DON’T LET IT GO ON.

    Not posted over stolen internet waves.

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