Your Willful Rejection and Ignorance of My Intellect

Special thanks to my favorite intelligent people for this one.

You don’t know me. You are an entity apart from my imagination and my ideas. And yet you want to control me. Guide my actions. Force me to be…


But when normal consists of people like you receiving money and attention for being a vapid waste of space on TV, I don’t want to be normal. I’ve contributed to society, while you’ve got a fanbase of ten thousand plus for being 16 and pregnant. I’ve got real friends, ideas, and goals. And you seek to normalize them.

People of a higher thinking capability and societal understanding aren’t well appreciated. The people who seek to advance the world into new ages are overshadowed by enormous wastes of time, space, and news:


Gifted children sometimes go unrecognized because they are diagnosed with a “disease” instead. The teenagers who hold some semblance of being intelligent are expected to pick up the slack of countless dipwads. The adults with ideas and creativity are shouted down by people who don’t want to understand or simply, by those who can’t; they are jealous. And some people with truly important ideas are never heard, because the rampaging idiots want to make them…normal. My generation doesn’t necessarily reflect my values. My behavior doesn’t necessarily represent my state of mind. And whose fault is all of this?


You broke the educational system by stifling creativity.  You shunned people for performing to the best of their abilities. You value academics very little. You shout and bellow to get your ill-conceived point across; my voice is heard only by those smart enough to hear it, to really know what I mean. I am part of the minority. Too many people like me feel frustrated and upset because we are right. We are in a position to actually make a difference and to correct world problems. And what’s stopping us from achieving and realizing our full potential?


Your Willful Rejection and Ignorance of My Intellect Needs To Die.

And for those of you with me on this issue, please leave a comment. Some of us need to know that we’re not alone.

Photo Credits: Gary Larson (found here)


3 responses to “Your Willful Rejection and Ignorance of My Intellect

  1. “You values academics very little.”

    No comment.

  2. I see you fixed the typo. 😉

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