Mindlessly Bellowing “Epic Fail” At The Smallest Of Screw-Ups

https://i0.wp.com/www.atomiksoapbox.com/images/EpicFail02.jpgRip your pants?


Slip and fall on a wet surface?


Sneeze into your hands?

EPIC FA-…Well, you get the idea.

This phrase has woven its way into everyday conversation when someone makes a mistake. Sure, it’s traditionally not heard amongst 50-year old businessmen who are pointing out flaws in the other’s Excel spreadsheet, but the term shows prevalence in some sectors of society.

What needs to be understood is that, the things listed above? Yeah, they’re not that bad. A pen falling on the floor is not a failure of exquisite proportions. Staying on the island of Calypso for seven years and afterward expecting to be 100% free of rebuke from Penelope, however, is.

It’s like overusing the word “awesome”. After a while, the word loses its sheen due to the continued utterances of it from the overly-excitable and vocabulary-limited.

Let The Improper Overuse Of The Phrase “Epic Fail” Die

Photo Credits: Here


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