Movie Theater Candy

The second part of this epic trilogy encompasses the pre-show purchases one can make at the theater. Sure, you’ve got your really expensive, but really buttery popcorn, and your soft drink, but what’s missing?

That’s right, candy!

Even from the other side of the glass, the mere boxes alone are enough to start your craving. They’re just sitting there, waiting to be devoured! Perhaps you could even recruit the individual candies into your popcorn army!

Without a second thought, you scoop up one, two, or five boxes of these delicious delights, and enter the theater.

But wait, something’s not quite right.

That box…surely it was bigger on display? Although, it does sound jam-packed – nothing seems to be ratting around in there.

Coaxing the candies from their cardboard confinements, you are disappointed to discover that half the box is air. In addition, those candies are still stuck behind a tough plastic barrier! You wonder why advertisers try to pass off “movie theater size” as a good thing…

After all that effort, there’s only about a couple handfuls of sumptuous sweets to show for it.

What to do? After all, the ushers won’t let you bring exterior refreshments into the theater…

Or will they?

Let Movie Theater Candy Die

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2 responses to “Movie Theater Candy

  1. And then, of course, they cost a mere $4.95 a box!

    • You can get much better stuff than the few morsels of candy you get at movie theaters for less. Doughnuts and Muffins cost considerably less than these candies and are usually more satisfying.

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