Licking Your Hand To Separate Papers, some tongue action may allow you to more easily grip and free piece of paper from one another, but, I’d like all of you who do this to consider two things:

  1. Where’s That Hand Been?When you lick your fingers, you’re inadvertently ingesting whatever bacteria may be on your hand at the moment. I certainly hope you washed up after wiping.
  2. Consider OthersIf you’re loosening these papers for distribution among other people, you’re giving those hand and mouth germs to them, and you’re also creating an untouchable area on the paper. Do you really want to touch someone’s saliva on a piece of paper? No. It feels ucky.

So, thanks for spreading disease! I’ll be sure to remember that at the next epidemic.

Let Licking Your Hand To Separate Papers Die

Disturbing Photo Credits: Here


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