You, Memory

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I’m not talkin’ gigabytes.

I’m upset with you. You forgot the name of that person I called out to last week. Boy, the look “Jim” had on her face. You don’t always come through in the clutch. Takin’ SAT’s? Let’s play an awful pop song in my head OVER AND OVER. Taking notes on a lecture? Wait, what was that last one? Let’s worry about it! Ack, now I didn’t catch what the prof said next! OH NO, MY INTERNAL HEAD VOICE IS DROWNING OUT ALL SOUND!

Memory, you make me look foolish. Sometimes you lose something that I should know offhand, or you forget the end to that really awesome joke. Maybe you forget to turn the oven off, or even forget the baby. And what I need to tell you is, it’s not either of our faults. We now live in a society that does not need to remember, does not WANT to remember, information. With Google and Wikipedia, we have information documented and accessible. This is an okay thing, a marvel even. But it’s making us lazy. Memory, we need to make a conscious effort to remember. We need to relearn how to remember our Social Security numbers, our coworkers’ names, and the way we spell words in our blog posts.

If we work together to notice the important things, memory, we’ll make for a better me. I know you have the storage capacity.

Not that we won’t encounter trubble a long teh wai sumtymes.

You, Memory, Need to Upgrade. Maybe with Omega-3. Wait, or does that make you skinnier? Oh, Gingko Biloba! Wait, wasn’t that debunked a week ago? Maybe…no…grr…

Photo Credits: Matthias Kulka / zefa / Corbis (found Here)


2 responses to “You, Memory

  1. lol I wonder when humans will be able to hook up computers to our brains. Then we could just add in memory as needed, and infinitely store any info.

    • It certainly won’t be long now, but the unstable nature of our memory is kind of important to our psyche. The fact that memories can shift and change and blur allows us to adapt to new settings, and think creatively.

      I’d love being able to remember everything, but I’m not sure I would want a built-in digital memory, where everything is recorded perfectly.

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