Your LOL

I can’t believe how overused this little expression is. I think it used to mean Little Old Lady, in a simpler time. Actually, now is a “simpler” time, isn’t it? Because you insisted on propagating this little acronym around my internet.


You add nothing of value to the conversation by letting us know you laughed. If even YOU could have figured out that it was funny, obviously we laughed at it, too. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. Your mere typing of “lol” just to get more forum posts or get your name out there is pitiful and sometimes even rude. Remember how you casually watched that Georgian luger die and then post in the video comments “lol owned”? You should feel horrible, you nasty little troll. Interestingly, you can’t have a “troll” without a “lol”.


You insist not only on abusing the acronym in the written word, but out loud as well. Why, dear God, why would you EVER bring chatspeak into conversation? You are probably a simpleton whose creativity is fed by reading things on the Internet (see: troll). I disrespect you when you utter “Lol” in my company. And let me be clear that, yes, I don’t mind that you laugh out loud or roll on the floor laughing in my company, just don’t say the acronyms! It’s detestable behavior.


Almost nothing good comes from a lol. It’s the same as simply stating “That’s so funny”, not actually LAUGHING. For goodness sake, can I please get a “ha ha”? Maybe a chortle? But please, please, not a lolwut?!


Your L-O-L Needs to D-I-E.

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2 responses to “Your LOL

  1. Fact: The more often a person types LOL, the less often they actually laugh at things they see on the computer.

  2. ____/______/\______

    Uh oh, hidden “lol’ in there?
    No, it’s a guy, in the ocean, and next to him is a shark.

    How about LMAO? of ROFL?

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