Sub-vocalization Habits of us, when presented with a piece of literature or other item with words on it, will use our eyes to scan across the letters, interpret the words and their usage, digest the information, and move on. As variety is the spice of life, it shouldn’t be unexpected that people accomplish this goal in different ways.

Many are able to silently read without aid, at varying speeds and comprehensions. The differences inherent are too many to generalize, so I won’t with this group.

Some people need some form of straightedge or maybe just their finger in order to stay focused on the correct line of literature. While I find this method to be a bit childish, it does appear to be effective for certain individuals. Begrudgingly, I’ll let this slide.

Others, however, turn the words they’re reading into actual speech. Sure, it might be hard to hear, barely produce a whisper, or produce no sound at all, but it becomes very apparent to others that the person in question is trying to read. I find two problems with this behavior:

  1. It’s Useless!You don’t need to physically pronounce each and every word. If you want to ween yourself from this problem, just try “pronouncing” the word in your head! It’s like chewing with your mouth open sure, it gets the job done, but no one needs to see it. Or hear it.
  2. It Hampers! Because of the time one actually takes to say these words, average words per minute read decline drastically. Aborting this behavior can make reading quicker, and leave you with bonus time to actually absorb the information and question it.

I see that some of you are finished. Everyone else, take your time. Just try not to drool.

Let Certain Sub-vocalization Habits Die

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