Double Posts

Double posting is a condition where either an impatient user clicks “Submit” on a form too quickly, or a timed-out user refreshes and re-submits information.

Conscientious people will attempt to fix these mistakes.

Forums often allow a user to delete posts they may have made, and Twitter offers a similar service, and there are probably countless other examples to be found. If a user is unable to delete the mistake themselves, they may be able to enlist the help of the Webmaster or Moderating team to remove the faux pas. At the very least, they’ll apologize for the error to the rest of the userbase.

Others, however, typically do a few things:

  • Ignore The user will not acknowledge the error and move on. Acceptable when no means of removal are easy to access, disappointing otherwise.
  • Attention GrubThe user will create a third post, commonly in the format of “LOL look wat i did thar”. No one cares, don’t do this.
  • Proofreading Need to change a couple words in your post? These users don’t see a problem with reposting the exact same thing with the minor alterations included, regardless of post length. 
  • Spam – So, maybe the double (or triple or octuple) post is intentional. A variation of the Attention Grub.

These double posts are needless. Own up to your mistake, try and correct it, and move on. We all mess up, but some of us learn from the experience.

Let Double Posts Die

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2 responses to “Double Posts

  1. Similar vein of thought: You know how much my eye twitches when I read the following?


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