Eating and Drinking When Using A Computer I do like to work on broken computers, I occasionally am disgusted. “By what? There’s nothing disgusting about a computer!” you may claim. Well, I can tell you it’s not the dust bunnies inside the case, nor is it often the smell, and it’s not even the peculiar smear marks on the casing.

It’s the peripherals.

That orange tinge that your mouse has? The slippery keyboard, due to grease, or, dare I think it, “lotion”? The lipstick smears all around the microphone? Those creep me out.


For the first two examples, it’s a clear sign that you’ve been abusing your computer. Your Cheetos have managed to stain the mouse, and give it that particularly ucky dusty feeling. Your pizza, Hot Pocket, funnel cake, burger, or whatever has turned your keyboard into an ice rink. And I bet that if you flipped that bad boy over, crumbs would litter the desk.

And drinking near the rig, by the way? Do you really want to electrocute the components within your computer? If you recall, water-based substances and electricity don’t mix. And when they attempt to, it’ll cost you in either a painful shock, or a couple hundred dollar replacement of parts.

Yes, ironic that electronics that are more advanced than we can ever hope to be are bested by even the smallest of foodstuffs.

For the last two examples, I’m not going anywhere near that thing, you maligned freak.

Let Eating And Drinking When Using A Computer Die

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3 responses to “Eating and Drinking When Using A Computer

  1. Well, dude, I have my computer under a desk. With a cover on. All that can seep in is a little dust.

    My keyboard I clean almost every week, and I rarely eat greasy foods near my computer. Just a bottle of water, and a salad. 😀

    So, STFU!

  2. I never eat at my laptop, nor drink other than water. I should clean my keyboard routinely, but I don’t like to partially disassemble my laptop…

  3. Hey, if you’re keeping the parts dry and un-cheeseified, then I’m okay with it.

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