http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/onlinestuff/snot/~/media/Images/content/snot/why_do_we_get_hiccups_and_h%20jpg.ashx?db=masterHiccuping is caused by involuntarily spasms of one’s diaphragm. Sounds pretty simple. After all, the human body is known to twitch odd muscles from time to time. But hiccuping is a bit more universal than that – in fact, the world record holder had hiccups for 68 years, and is estimated to have hiccuped more than 430 million times!

But what exactly does hiccuping do?




Precisely. It’s pointless! Aside from garnering some sympathy (and maybe a free drink), hiccups do nothing of benefit.

Although they have allowed me to discover the following delightful “cures”:

  • Hold your breath
  • Take a drink of water from the far end of the glass
  • Stand on your head while counting backwards from 100
  • Eat sugar
  • Plug your ears and have a sip of water
  • Get scared

I don’t expect anyone to try all of these things at once, although I’d be impressed beyond words if it could be done. The only effective cure is really waiting for it to stop. Drinks and calmed breathing may help, but time is the answer to this one.

In the meantime, though, sorry, hiccups! You’re useless.

Let Hiccups Die

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One response to “Hiccups

  1. I can actually stop hiccups if I concentrate for a few minutes, and then they go away.

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