Ear Gauges

Adolescence is a time to experiment, a time to discover who you are and what you like. It’s also a time of intense hormones and stupid decisions, but we’ll get to that later.

During this life stage, many teens decide to do some assisted body modification some people get a couple of piercings, others get tattoos, and things of that nature. Mostly harmless.

And then there are Ear Gauges.

Ear gauges make use of one’s existing ear piercing slot, starting out as tiny disks. Disks are swapped to bigger and bigger sizes until the hole “grows”. Now, the damage done by this process is usually reversible in the early sizes. Afterward, there’s no turning back.

But, some people just keep going after they grow their lobes to the point where they can pass a pencil through them. To demonstrate the biggest earlobes I’ve seen, make an ‘o’ with your hand by curling your fingers until your pointer and thumb meet.

You probably wondering “Well, what’s the big deal?”, and I’m happy to parcel out an answer. Consider this same person attempting to get a white-collar job where they need to look their best to give off a good first impression. I can assure you that one of the first things the interviewer will see are those giant ear extensions. It’ll be hard to forget them, to be sure, but it may make the interviewer forget the personality of the applicant.

Finally, I’m not so sure I want to be putting large holes in my body. Other people tend to stick their fingers in things like that…

Let Ear Gauges Die

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4 responses to “Ear Gauges

  1. I think people who get real big gauges get them cuz they obviously dont care about white collar/coporate jobs.For example i have 1 1/4 gauges in my ears.I knew that it was ireversible after a certain point but i still went for it.Everyone knows the consequences and so did i.I dont regret going this far.But for those who wish to have corporate jobs or even minimum wage jobs should really think about it before doing it.

  2. Dude, seriously? Gauges are beautiful.

    Gauge is a measurement be wich the width of thread or wire is measured.
    Those are flesh tunnels, if closed:plugs. There is no such thing as the verb to gauge or the noun gauge to describe a piece of pircing jewellery!!!
    Gaug describes only the width of the piece worn.
    GOT IT?????

  4. I havent had many issues. If your a good person and the interviewer is too…your personality will stand out more.

    Imagine someone has a hideous facial scar…that would be discrimination 🙂

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