Your Vlog

Quick crash course for the uninitiated: “Vlog” = “video log”. Now that that’s out of the way…

Vlogs can be good things. First of all, if you’ve managed to create a vlog, congratulations! You’ve figured out how to turn on the webcam. Now, there are good vlogs out there, and they’re good because they have a unifying theme. ZeroPunctuation is an excellent example of a vlog with a good hook and great voice acting. However, YOUR vlog…well, it leaves something to be desired.

No, I won’t be doing another list. Sorry.

Firstly, your vlog lacks…well, coherence. Good vlogs or blogs of any sort are intelligently crafted and focused. Your vlog is just an excuse to get your face on the Internet. And a thing about your face? I’ve seen enough people on the Internet that, odds are, you aren’t a looker. That’s a bit off topic, but it gets across this point: Your vlog is a gateway for your ugly, rampant confusion.

Secondly, your vlog grinds on my eardrums. Not only am I FoRcED to watch your stupid antics, I’m also FoRcED to listen to your high, squeaky voice modulators. It’s annoying, and really shouldn’t be popular for any reason. Unless, of course, your audience isn’t laughing WITH you. Then I start to understand.

Thirdly, your vlog is inconsistent. Sure, you post horrible quality videos to YouTube, but no one can find them. You weren’t smart enough to tell your “friends” or make a channel or even check that the video works. You just care about the views and the stars. Oh, and the various annotations telling me RATE 5/5!!!! and CLICK HRE 4 MOAR VLOG VIDS…it’s disgusting, really. Your vlog is sad and disjointed.

Finally, your vlog really isn’t worth to us what it’s worth to you. The myriad of videos that propagate the Internet make your viewing audience desperate for the next coolest this or the next rauflamaow that. Your vlog is not worth the time you put into it. I don’t care about your life enough to hear you talk at me about it. Especially in a high, squeaky voice.

So, as you may have guessed, I don’t care for vlogs too much. Perhaps some Will It Blend and occasional others, but do you want to know why I don’t really like most vlogs or vloggers? You’ve made me hate them.


Photo Credits: HereBonus: I completely agree.


3 responses to “Your Vlog

  1. I don’t understand the “your blog” and “your vlog” posts – suppose Yahtzee were to read this, or anyone else who makes a decent blog? Do you assume that anyone who would be interested in reading your blog would be incapable of making a good blog themselves?

    • I don’t assume that people who read this are incapable of a good blog/vlog. I’m just assuming the role of the gripes that people have about various things “you” (an unnamed party, for sake not hurting feelings) do. I’m the conduit for people who have had these thoughts; this isn’t for direct attacks. I’m trying simply to relate to readers who have felt this way, too. It’s hit or miss, really.

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