Incessantly Whining About Every Little Thing people are never happy. Some people just have to find fault with everything, and won’t even consider the good side of those very same things. Not only that, but these people tend to do this on a regular basis. They come off as very pessimistic, even if they really aren’t. In fact, let’s consider the lengths at which some will go to criticize every nuance of life.

Say you gave someone an orange. An average person may respond with “Oh, thanks, I think.” However, give that same orange to one of these people, and you may get responses like “Oh, yuck, it’s a navel orange! It has a whole part that I can’t eat.” or “Great, I have to peel it all by myself?” and even “The citric acid is in my eye! Aughhhhh!”

As you can see, there’s simple no pleasing these people. They’ll say that everything needs to be changed, even if they can’t provide any rhyme or reason as to why. They’re usually horribly misinformed about the topic of discussion, and will try and use fancy language to cover their position. A quick Topeka search will even reveal that these people go so far as to share their misanthropic opinions with the rest of the Internet!

It is clear that these people are what’s dragging society down. Everything is fine the way it is, right?

Let Incessantly Whining About Every Little Thing Die 

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