Nintendo’s Interpretation Of Online Gaming

LogoWi-Fi04.jpg Wi-Fi Connection image by chibionerwFor too long, these two titular objects have not mixed very well. Want to play a Wii game with your friends over the internet? Well, you each need the system code of each Wii, the friend code of each player’s save file in each game, and then you need to hope that your service doesn’t become dodgy, or it will practically crash the whole thing.

Just want to play online with random people? Fortunately, there’s an option to do so! Unfortunately, you may have to put up with the guy who has 800 ping. Also, there’s not ever an option to add people you play with as friends afterward – not that that’s easy due to spotty voice chat systems. Sure, some games offer a “rivals” feature, which helps to alleviate this issue, but it’s still rather hit or miss to see if they’re online.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love Nintendo’s products, and some games are really fun to play with friends around you. Over the Internet, however, not so much. Yes, that keeps the internet service more “child-friendly”, but what about everyone else? I see that the Big N can release 5 different types of DS’s, but haven’t approached this problem adequately.

There’s always next gen.

Let Nintendo’s Interpretation Of Online Gaming Die

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