Status Message Minutiae Need. Now. No time to bother with prissy details, no interest in backstory, cut right to the action: no fluff.

That’s us. (Well, that would be how Mordin Solus would describe our society, anyway.)

The Internet has done a lot of things, but I’d wager that this may be the most negative product of it. Anyhoo, we get very caught up in wanting to know stuff.

That’s a good thing. Usually.

However, more often than not, we want to know trivialities. “What does he think about me?”, “When should I be fashionably late to your party?”, and so on. This is not new. Combined with our “need it now” mindset, however, a toxic agent is formed.

Consider the recent surge of celebrity death hoaxes. These things get so widespread because people don’t think about what they’re being told, and subsequently pass that misinformation on to everyone they know. After the truth is revealed, I truly hope it makes people feel a wee bit embarrassed.

Also, Facebook is a major way to socialize without leaving your chair. As such, people update their “status” multiple times per day, or ever per hour, speaking to an audience that may not even exist. Furthermore, people who are in the courtship phase of conducting love (no, not like that) use Facebook to describe their relationship.

Isn’t it a little sad when the most meaningful words you want to say about a person that you have a large emotional interest in are available from a drop-down menu of preset sayings?

It also doesn’t help that people view changes to these relationship statues as the definitive state of that attachment. Maybe there’s more to the story, maybe someone else is toying around with the account – stop and think, please.

At the very least, talk with the person one on one. Don’t attribute a person’s deep emotional personality to a page that summarizes their life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell Twitter which window I’m gazing out of.

Let Status Message Minutiae Die

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