The Ratio Of Conditioners To Shampoos In My Shower a house with 4 other people, two of whom are of the female persuasion, I often discover various cabinets full of “gently used” beauty products. Usually I just ignore it and move on, but these chemically-engineered beautifiers are invading my shower.

While I’m not some hippie new age idealist who is against all those kinds of products, maaan, I am a bit wary of the excessive amount of products in my wee shower stall. Bleary-eyed from awaking and from the water, I hastily search each label to find something that resembles a nice-smelling shampoo.

“Stage 2 Conditioner, for Normal to Oily hair”. Nope.
“Stage 3 Conditioner, for Oily to Gasoline-y Hair”. Also nope.
“None Of Your Frizzness”, and below that in tiny script, “Conditioning Agent”. Nope.
“Body and Shower Gel”. Uhhh….Let’s not risk it.
“Captain Berry’s Bubble Bath”. …Why do I even have this? It’s a shower stall. Not a tub!
“French’s All-American Mustard”. Tempting. Verrry tempting.
“Drizzle Shampoo”. Success!

While that list was fun, scrounging around in that claustrophobic enclosure for something to clean my hair with is not enjoyable. I want to spend more of my shower time relaxing, not racing to finish up.

Let The Ratio Of Conditioners To Shampoos In My Shower Die, Although The “Die” Portion Doesn’t Really Make Sense In This Context, But Oh Well

Photo Credits: Here


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