Compulsively Eating Inedible Objects of us have those weird little quirks that make us who we are. Say, for instance, you have a compulsion to always eat the crust of the pizza first, and continue on to the tip. That’s fine; different, but fine.

What’s not fine in Mastication City is eating things that were never intended to be eaten. Say your neighbor’s puppy. Rare. Well, okay, that’s an exaggerated example. It’s right up there with eating human flesh, right?

Whatever the case, many people have eaten weird things. Remember when you were 4 or so and thought it would be absolutely rad to put that shiny penny/dime/button in your mouth? Well, what happened next wasn’t pretty, I’d wager. So it’s an almost common experience.

But say that behavior carried over into your adult life. Maybe it’s not coins, but suppose one had a psychological need to eat toilet paper, flour, and cigarette ash? As an adult, these are sickening habits that are unfortunately hard to break. Although that won’t stop me from belittling people that have this disease, known as “Pica”. Get help, dangit!

We eat weird things. At least those things are usually edible.

Let Compulsively Eating Inedible Objects Die

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One response to “Compulsively Eating Inedible Objects

  1. I actually had a bad habit of keeping AA batteries in my mouth for a bit, it was because I had a terrible mp3 player that always died on me, and I thought it was a great shock to pop a battery out of my mouth when people were looking.

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