Your vs. You’re

I see what your trying to do hear.  Your trying to teach us another grammer lesson from that thing in you’re head you call a brain!

The above, as should be apparent, is all backwards.

Please, people, writing well is important. Even if it’s just captioning a LOLimage, you’ll be ridiculed if you misspell/misuse something.

As such, short of recording an audio version of these kinds of posts, I’m doing my best to get this information through to you guys. Now hop off Farmville for a sec and listen.

Your is to be used possessively, and is usually followed by a noun. Your keys, your wedgie, your gum that’s stuck to the bottom of the desk – these are all appropriate uses of ‘your’. Confused?: If you don’t know if this is an applicable situation for ‘your’, try placing ‘our’ in its stead. If it sounds okay, then tack on that y and go to town!’re is a contraction of ‘you’ and ‘are’. You’re turning green, you’re sprouting tentacles, and you’re choking me with them are all acceptable uses of ‘you’re’. Confused?: Simply, expand the contraction. “You are keys” just doesn’t sound right, does it?

I hope this helps you with your endeavors. Even though you’re probably going to forget these little rules in a few days. Or hours. Or minutes.

Let Misusing ‘Your’ and ‘You’re’ Die

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2 responses to “Your vs. You’re

  1. You’re doing You’re vs Your wrong on your blog post. ;D

  2. LOL Thank God someone’s addressing this!

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