Snifflers is disgusting. That said, each and every one of us produces it, and needs it to survive.

But sometimes mucus just needs out.

Everyone’s been sick at one time or another, where snot accumulates in the nose and throat. This, of course, produces that fun congested feeling. Or, conversely, it may produce a rather liquidy, runny feeling. When this happens, it’s hard to keep that flowing phlegm off your face.

But that’s not a reason to hold it in your nose all day.

Yes, snifflers are the people who find it more acceptable to produce those nasally sucking noises to retain their mucus than simply blow or drip it out into a tissue. All day long they snort and suck, fighting to keep that gel-like overflow in their nasal cavities.

I admit that there are times where this is useful – it buys you some bonus time to find a tissue or tissue-like substance. But when you’ve found it, you’ve gotta get it all out. That’ll save you from potential future embarrassment, and may actually make you feel better.

Breathing – it’s a much better sign when you don’t make noises doing it.

Let The Behavior Of Snifflers Die

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One response to “Snifflers

  1. My brother does this alllll the time..

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