Your Display of Injuries

Not to be confused with Your Displays of Injury, which make for wildly hilarious videos.

It just another normal day between you and I, and we decide to swap stories. “What’s new?” “Not much. How ’bout you?” “Same. Oh, wait! Check this out…”

You succumb to the urge to enlighten me with information and decide to shove a pustular, oozing, smelly, coagulating injury into my face. My personal space hasn’t really been your first concern, but ignoring that, let’s consider the fact that you’ve left your injury uncovered in the first place. Are you good buddies with Mr. Infection? Because he’s going to visit you and be a LOT more interested in your open wound than I am. You disregard the need to take care of yourself, and instead you use your injury as a point of conversation or attention. People will ask how you got it, and you’ll tell them the story. Hopefully, by the time I ask you, you’ll be so sick and tired of telling the story that you’ll wish you never brought up your unsightly scrape in the first place.

You might want to try a bandage. And maybe some self-restraint.

Your Display of Injuries Needs to Scab Over and Die

(I was going to put a picture in this one, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the point?)


One response to “Your Display of Injuries

  1. FUUUU
    This is how people make mulah over teh interwebs.

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