Get Fuzzy, Mr. Darby Conley, but after drudging through 365 days of your comic strip, thanks to a 2009 page-a-day calendar, I’ve concluded that your comic is terrible.

But, first, some things to your credit, so expect this portion to be short. Yes, you have a unique art style, and yes, you occasionally had some funny jokes.

…Even those two things had problems.

Your “art” is rather unpolished and a tad sloppy. I’m not interested in eating grimy food, so why should I read a “grimy” comic? I know it’s a stylization, and it makes you unique and whatnot, but it’s not to my taste.

Secondly, you did have some funny jokes. The problem is, the comic did not end after those jokes (usually puns) were introduced. Instead, most comics continued into the mad ravings of Bucky Katt, which had the comedic effect of a four-year old throwing a fit. It may be awkwardly cute at first, but it’s pointless and gets less entertaining as time goes on.

I would tend to get a bit upset whenever I got backlogged on this particular calendar, as I really did not look forward to sitting through your spew. Your formula is so predictable, and it’s easy to see when the main characters have no material, you just whip up a bit player that still is not able to conjure a chuckle.

Sorry, Get Fuzzy. I gave you a year to impress me. You failed utterly in that attempt.

Let Get Fuzzy Die

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3 responses to “Get Fuzzy

  1. The old Get Fuzzy comics were very funny. The new ones are rarely good.

    But you should note that the classic ones are funny.

  2. Get Fuzzy jokes are so lame and not funny at all.


    I have the get fuzzy books. You’re a poop.

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