Running Out Of Toilet Paper

After taking 2, 10, or even 30 minutes to take a porcelain cruise,  you smile out of satisfaction at a job well done. Yet, you can’t help but feel that something’s missing. A quick check of the toilet paper roll reveals your worst fear – there’s no toilet paper left!

If you’re in your own home, things are okay – you know where you keep your excess wiping solutions, and, worst case scenario, you can put on some new clothes or sacrifice the Life section of today’s newspaper. you’re in a public bathroom, however, you’re at the complete and utter mercy of any stranger that happens to be in the bathroom with you. You must ask them to check the other stalls for that one-ply sanitizer. Until you find someone willing to help, you’re trapped in that thinly-walled stall of stench.

Yes, running out of toilet paper is never a good thing. It induces panic and often leads to embarrassment.

But hey, you may get to awkwardly meet someone along the way.

Let Running Out Of Toilet Paper Die

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One response to “Running Out Of Toilet Paper

  1. Savannah Heath

    Did you know that the word for someone who is afraid of running out of toilet paper is endrollphobia? I found that interesting. My mother happens to have that phobia. She is deathly afraid of running out of toilet paper. 🙂

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