Double Standards

Instead of describing what a double standard is, I figure I’ll just give you readers a few concrete examples of this disturbing, yet socially accepted, behavior.

Boudoir Bedlam

  • Guy sleeps with many girls in a short period of time. Guy is hailed for his “efforts”, and is widely regarded as a hero.
  • Girl sleeps with many guys in a short period of time. Girl is looked down upon, called many derogatory names, and is regarded as little more than a receptacle.

Hitting Haberdashery

  • Girl starts to assault Guy. Guy, even if in mortal danger, will be forever labeled as “abusive” and a “misogynist” if he is to strike back.

Male Man and Lady Lust

  • Guy romantically enjoys other guy. Relationship is viewed by society as immoral, anti-religious, and hateful.
  • Girl romantically enjoys other girl. Relationship is viewed as “totally hot, yo.” Relationship may also be viewed thousands of times on YouTube.

Drink Dilemma (Thanks for the idea, Megan R.)

  • Person drinks with group of friends. Person is seen as being sociable and well-off.
  • Person drinks alone. Person is seen as a drunkard and pitiful.

These are limited examples, of course, and I’m generalizing a lot. I know these can be expanded upon, and entire other ideas can be woven into this unjust fabric.’s the problem. There are so many ways in which we judge other people, but we incorrectly assign judgment based on a limited set of facts. When this happens enough, we get something like the above.

Everyone has differences, in race, gender, personality, and other areas. That does not mean we should exploit these differences to get away with things that others could not.

Let Double Standards Die

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One response to “Double Standards

  1. I can explain the first one: Guys will sleep with almost any good looking woman, while women hate men 1/4 of the time, and have “higher standards.” Also, the guys are jealous of him, while women might call him a “womanizer.” Still, it is worse for women.

    Also, if you portray women in games or other things, they have to be exactly average weight, else you are either “reinforcing the stereotype that women are fat,” or “portraying women as only sex objects.” If you avoid this dilemma by avoiding women altogether, you are being sexist by not including women.

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