Potato Chip Air

After a successful pantry raid, you plop down on your favorite sitting apparatus, armed with a bag of golden brown potato chips. This is no ordinary bag, however; it is the Economy-Size Family-Style Ginormo-Bag! And it’s all yours!

Peeling back the squeaky plastic, the sudden pop! and smell of flavor has your taste buds a-tingling. You look into the back expectantly, and then….

What’s this!? Half the bag appears to be missing!

That’s right, a good portion of the bag was simply air all along.

Why is this? Well, this is done to protect what little amount of chips that are left – the air allows them to survive the shipping process. Additionally, some of the chips settle out, adding to the effect. While this is all well and good, it still seems to be a huge amount of overkill for an entire half of such a large bag to be chipless. Sure, it smells nice, but it’s really really demoralizing, for reasons that are not fully understood.

Even though the phrase “less is more” has its applications, it shouldn’t apply to chips. Not when you’re trying to eat an entire family-size bag by yourself with others, anyway.

Let Potato Chip Air Die

Photo Credits: Consumer Reports


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