My Inability To Stick With One Tense one can plainly see, you never know when I am going to suddenly change who I address when I’m writing a blog post. Personally, I think readers can sometime be put off by this rude behavior of mine, as we all know that this problem is persistent throughout my writings in which you are addressed.

Less commonly, I also may be confused on where I am chronologically from time to time. I say this as I know that I could have made it more clear that I intended to make sure that I gave you a clearer view of what I will say. This would have been successfully executed if I can fanagle a way in which to concurrently announce my ideas subliminally without giving myself away to readers too easily.

..Y’know what, I think I’ll stick with what I know.

Let My Inability To Stick With One Tense Die

Photo Credits: Here


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