Pizza Burn we’ve learned, people can burn pizza. Conversely, pizza can burn people. “Pizza Burn” is a neat little term which means “damaging the roof of your mouth due to excessive heat”.

This phenomenon is commonly associated with pizza because, well, the heat is stored by the cheese and other goodies, which are on top of the slice. And people commonly eat pizza toppings-side up. So, we trap all this heat against the interior of our mouths, and if our tongue can’t wrest the bread barrier free in time, pain is likely to occur.

You’d think a solution to this would be to eat the pizza bread side up, right? Two problems there, one of them being that you put your tongue in danger. The second issue? Well, have you seen how molten cheese behaves when introduced to gravity?

We want it all and we want it now, but here’s some advice: Let it cool off first. Your cells will be glad you did!

Let Pizza Burn Die

Photo Credits: Here


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