You,Tube Comments

Yes, I know that I’m cheating a little with this one, but something needs to be said. Even after the “update”, the comments are still lackluster. Not only do a VAST majority of them fail to add anything substantial to the topic discussed, but they are some of the most ignitive substances when it comes to flame wars. I’m not really sure why YouTube hasn’t adopted a business model in which comments are entirely separated from the video itself. Not only would it save the masses from trolls, it has the possibility to make videos more friendly, while still maintaining a dialogue between video author and user. I also believe that YouTube individuals who have registered should be given some sort of point system in which they are tracked for usefulness of commentary. But, for now, we have to suffer through varied responses sorted by date and “helpfulness” (if the people are allowed to vote on what comments they like, the people may opt for the bad ones. This system should be stricter.)

Having said that, I don’t read/follow/care about YouTube comments often enough to care about the intricacies of the system too much. Give me a Hide All Comments Ever default and that’s a start. I came for the video, not for the critique.

You,Tube Comments, Need to Die.

Photo Credits: xkcd (Here)


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