Perfume Snipers’re stylishly ambling in front of various storefronts at the mall when, suddenly, you detect a certain…fragrance coming from that booth over there. You can’t quite make it out, but an entirely-too-cheery worker appears to be holding some form of biochemical weapon. Intrigued yet wary, you shuffle forward to see if this is a mirage.

Big mistake.

The assistant has spotted you. Turning towards you, they take aim with the device, a sharp look in their eyes and a sinister grin plastered on their face. You try to escape, but it’s too late.

“Would you like to try some perfume today?”

Before you can object, you’re suddenly doused with the stench of the latest teen celebrity’s perfume endorsement. Staggering back, you try to comprehend what’s just happened. But it’s too late; you’re marked.

The perfume snipers have struck again.

Let Perfume Snipers Die

Photo Credits: Here


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