Supermarket Littering,0.jpgSupermarkets sell lots of things. In order to determine where everything is, a complex organizational system known as “aisles” were implemented. To be as efficient as possible, all the important, useless things are easiest to access, and the trivial essentials are in the cold unforgiving back of the store.

Occasionally, however, someone misfiles an object in these stores. As such, peculiar and unfortunate juxtapositions can occur. Baby oil next to the fireplace equipment? 101 Ways To Gut A Deer by the “vegan-friendly” belts? Sweet sauce close to the sour sauce?

Remember, it’s probably someone’s job to find and replace these “delinquent” items. Even though it’s easier to drop off that unneeded fish food in the candy aisle, don’t. It’s a pain for restockers, and, really, if you don’t remember the spot for an item, perhaps the cashier can babysit your item for a bit until it can be properly returned.

Let Supermarket Littering Die

Photo Credits: Here


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