Waking Up After Dreaming About The Day You’re About To Have

Maybe you’re going on a big interview tomorrow. Maybe it’s just going to be another mundane day like all the others. Still, you get up, put on your clothes, walk down the stairs made of gelatin, and leave your residence. You conduct your endeavors in a more or less realistic way, feeling the stress, agony, exuberance, and overall energy-burning feeling of the events that unfold before you.

Suddenly, a buzzing attacks your eardrums. What is that? A fly? It certainly seems close by…

Jarred awake, you stare about in the pale light. That pesky fly is immobilized on your nightstand, having taken the form of an alarm clock.

http://blog.roots.com/.a/6a00e553c41c9188340120a573aee1970c-800wiYep, turns out everything you just did, for good or bad, never happened.

This is really demoralizing, because it feels like the day you had in your dreamscape should count as a day in real life. I’ve got some bad news, honey, ’cause that currency’s non-transferable.

Let Waking Up After Dreaming About The Day You’re About To Have Die
(Still wake up, of course. I don’t need you to go all literal on me, here.)

Photo Credits: Here


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