Falling Out Of Bed

https://i2.wp.com/www.clevelandseniors.com/images/christmas/ebenezer-scrooge.jpgThe trap door opens in the Cave of Shadows, and your adventure is seemingly at an end. You fall, down, down, to the murky depths below.

Suddenly you feel your face plastered against the bedroom carpet. Sweaty, you peel the sheets from your legs. That was certainly embarrassing. Hopefully no one saw you roll out of your own bedding.

In fact, one has a 2 in 1,000,000 chance to die in a fall involving a bed. While it may indeed be a fall into a bed, it’s certainly strange to think about dying thanks to a movement made in your sleep.

Then again, if you really enjoy sleep, I guess you’d die doing what you loved.

Let Falling Out Of Bed Die

Photo Credits: Here


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