Treating A Car Like A Trash Can greasy fast-food containers, receipts, grocery bags, gift wrap, candy papers, gum wrappers, chewed gum, old clothes, boxes, documents, empty oil jugs, misplaced screws, ketchup packets, broken pieces of plastic and glass, straw paper, broken pens, toothpicks, empty water bottles, drained cell phones, soggy and crispy tissues, and spare tire do not belong in the rear seat of your vehicle.

While that has to be an interesting smell in the first place, how would you deal with multiple passengers who might actually want to use your car for, I dunno, transportation?

Yes, cleaning bites, but past a certain point, it’s no longer acceptable/eco-friendly/helpful to put it off longer.

That, and I’m fairly certain that there’s no real market for a mobile pigsty.

Let Treating A Car Like A Trash Can Die

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One response to “Treating A Car Like A Trash Can


    My friend’s car is DISGUSTING. I have to shovel crap off her seat (with little option of where to put it, considering the backseat and all floor surfaces are already covered). I have offered to help her clean. I have offered to clean it MYSELF. And most times, I just offer to drive. *shudders*

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