Messing Around With An Electric Fence[√] YES! I would like to investigate that bare wire fence in one or more of the following ways:

  • Poking at it with my finger or other exposed body part
  • Attempting to jump over it and then falling short
  • Urinating or otherwise directing a stream of liquid onto it
  • Perform culinary arts with raw foodstuffs
  • Floss with it
  • Pretend the wires are laser beams and that I’m a secret agent that needs whatever is on the other side of it
  • Get a friend to lick it
  • Crawl underneath it hastily and cluelessly

[  ] NO! I believe that some bare wire fences are occasionally electrified and are dangerous!
(Selecting this option costs $2.99/mo.)

Let Messing Around With An Electric Fence Die

Photo Credits: Here


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