Multiple Interpretations Of’s Thumbs Rating System

See those cute little disembodied hands floating above this post? Well, they’re interactive! They’re used in “rating” a post. Plus, their red and green sleeves look just darling with my background.

Anyway, I’ve recently found myself confused as to what they rate, exactly, when it comes to a blog like this. Should I take a “thumbs down” rating as a traditional insult, like “Boo, this content/writing sucks”, or should I see it as a compliment, as in “Yeah, I hate this specific thing or ideal too!”.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it. I could abolish the rating system from the site, but I like to let readers have the ability to judge a post without necessarily leaving a comment. I could switch to a 5-star system, but, I think that’d be all I get – namely, I couldn’t change the stars into cuter, more death-oriented icons.

With that in mind, the juxtaposed appendages will stay in place for now – I’ll just have no idea how to interpret them.

Let Multiple Interpretations Of’s Thumbs Rating System Die


2 responses to “Multiple Interpretations Of’s Thumbs Rating System

  1. So, I am pretty sure you should just let them be what they are.

    Thumbs down is bad.
    Thumbs up is good.

    Maybe take it as an agree and disagree thing.

    But whatever you do, post to let people know what you’ve decided. I push a lot of little thumbs. I want to know I am pushing the right ones.

  2. As much as I’d like to change things in the world, I feel a little traditional about this whole thumbs thing.

    I’d like for thumbs up to be granted as “Good idea!” or “I like how this is written.” or “I agree with this viewpoint.”

    Conversely, thumbs down should indicate “I don’t agree with this at all” or “Boo, you can do better.”

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