https://i1.wp.com/pad1.whstatic.com/images/thumb/c/ce/Amanda-Signing-Yearbooks.jpg/251px-Amanda-Signing-Yearbooks.jpgI’m not talking about the adjective you’d use to describe a witch, here. I’m talking about HAGS, an acronym which will here stand for “Have A Good Summer”. This phrase is commonly written by peers in the back of school yearbooks, as a kind of “send-off” message from others. You may be thinking, “Well, Mr. Author, that seems to be a nice thing to wish on someone. Why do you hate it?” The answer to that is twofold, I’m afraid.

First, HAGS is a shortening of 15 letters to a mere 4. As I’ve already covered in lengthy detail, I am loathe to accept such compressed expressions. However, my cares don’t lie with how the expression is presented; they lie with if the phrase is written at all.

You see, simply writing “have a good summer” to someone shows that you don’t really have anything specific to say about that person. Are you signing their yearbook because you had experiences with that person in the previous 180 days that you will remember forever? Or are you signing their yearbook to make sure they remember you? Sure, slapping down that 3 part consonant 1 part vowel acronym shows that you’re willing to do more than just sign your name. However, you are not fully absolved as generating this phrase does not showcase any creativity, nor will it inspire anything more than a glazed look from the recipient even years later.

Let HAGS Die

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