Inaccurate Weather Forecasts, at the time of this writing, is something that humans cannot control. At the same time, unable to deal with uncertainty, humans predict what the weather will be. And thus, the field of meteorology exists.

Now, meteorologists use all kinds of fancy tools and gauges to tell us upcoming weather. And, due to inexperience in the field, we generally believe them. And they’re generally right.

But we all seem to recall the one time where the forecast was way off from the actual weather observed. The predicted 15″ snowfall? Nope, it’s a thin layer of ice instead. 90% chance of sun? Nah, it’s overcast with gale-force winds.

Sure, getting told that it’s going to rain all day and being surprised by that glowing orb in the sky is fine, but it’s a lot harder to take when it’s the other way around.

Let Inaccurate Weather Forecasts Die

Photo Credits: Here


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