Vuvuzelas are seemingly innocent plastic horns, about three feet in length. Because curiousity kills the cat, if you’d like to hear what one sounds like, follow the link below.

Vuvuzela Noise

Now, there’s many problems with this instrument, so sayeth Wikipedia. Sounds emitted near the horn are at decibel levels that can damage hearing. Also, these horns have the potential to spread disease at a higher level than coughing.

Finally, these horns are used in soccer. A lot.

So much so, that the noise emitted from vuvuzelas drowns out crowd noise and many statements from commentators. For the whole game. I know total silence is not to be expected in a sporting arena, but does that mean a singular, monotonous note should be accepted? It’s like when people smack together those air-filled tubes, only eighty times more annoying.

That’s right, the human race possesses an instrument that spreads illness, causes hearing loss, and upsets people around the world. And I’m not talking about Madonna.

Let Vuvuzelas Die

Photo Credits: Here


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