Your Perceived Rivalry

You just don’t get it sometimes, do you?

We, as an entirety of people, have conflicting ideas, emotions, perceptions, and mannerisms. Some of these you will come to adore, while others you will not find suitable to your tastes. The important part is to accept the people as they are, and adjust your level of interaction accordingly.

An issue occurs, however, when you willfully attack the people you don’t like.  Not only have you made your intentions clear, you are now devoting energy that could be used to get along to harming this person that you feel has offended you. A divide begins, and perhaps you persuade some of your friends that your “rival” is bad news. Now, you’ve brought more people into the scuffle, enlarging the inflammation that is your hatred towards them. They rally back. You attack with more force. Attacks continue until disaster strikes, or even carry on into further generations.

And you don’t get it.

It doesn’t have to be a human struggle. We are equally as capable of lifting each other up as we are bashing each other down. Jealous, hurt, or ignored people foster feelings of anger and belittlement, as opposed to calming the situation with a few kind words, or even removed contact from the offender. Rivalry ignites and people hurt each other. WHY? Everyone has the capacity for kindness and calmness, even in the face of pain and loss. Revenge is a dish best not served at all. Wars have erupted due to rivalry and perceptions of others, and continue to this day. They don’t have to continue.

But you don’t choose to realize your emotional capacity for ending this silly feud. You fight, and we lose.

Your Perceived Rivalry Needs to Die

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(Author’s note: I am in favor of competition, however. We would not advance without competing ideas and products. It’s when that competition between people turns into undermining and destruction of progress, a problem occurs that needs to die. Quickly.)


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  1. EXCELLENT blog! I’ll be tweeting the link to my followers and my Facebook friends!

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