Poor Handshakes

https://i0.wp.com/www.theunticket.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/handshakes.jpgCommonly used to meet and greet, handshakes are an integral part of one’s physical first impression. In fact, one’s handshake says a lot about them. Of course, it’s only most noticeable when someone does it…poorly.

Obviously there are many ways to flub up this formality, but here are a couple that always stand out in my mind:

  • The Limp NoodlesThe hand is extended with full slack in the wrist, fingers weakly dangling in midair. The opposing party, in order to seem polite, still goes in for the shake. However, they only lightly grasp the fingers, and shake gently if at all. This is done with such care so as to preserve The Noodles, as the position of the given hand is indicative of frailty.
  • The Tough Guy – Beginning with what seems like a normal handshake, the opposing party soon realizes the intent of the other. In an effort to show dominance over the opponent, the shaker devotes every fiber of his (or her!) being to the handshake. These types of shakes tend to continue for an awkwardly long time.
  • The Hand TurkeyThe opposing party must address a hand whose fingers are fully apart from each other, as if there was some form of magnetic field repelling each digit. So, it is the opposing party’s duty to corral the fingers into a manageable position, and then continue the much-too-personal handshake.

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to meet hands, have the padded area between the forefinger and thumb interlock, and give two or three firm, quick, up and down movements. But, no, someone had to go and ruin that, too.

Let Poor Handshakes Die

Photo Credits: Here


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