Pencil Chewers of writing utensils that are too smooth and bland? Want to add your own personal flair to these inscription devices? Well, now you can, with NervousTick! That’s right, your NervousTick will embed itself inside your gumline, and will require a steady diet of pressure to stay rested, giving you an oh-so-needed excuse to chomp on your favorite writing apparatus! But wait, there’s more!…

Please, if engage in this, keep your pencils to yourself. If you share them out, you benign habit could turn into a deadly one for someone else. Also, those little flecks of gum embedded in the pencil dents? Bits of quill-feather stuck in your teeth? The telltale ink from a pen explosion covering your face? Yeah, that’s not cool.

Let Pencil Chewers Die

Photo Credits: Here


One response to “Pencil Chewers

  1. I have only ever done this when two of my back teeth couldn’t press against each other and it was driving me crazy, so I used a pencil to press them both.

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