Running Out Of Bun Before Running Out Of Sandwich delicious meal can easily turn into a very awkward decision when Poor Bread Planning occurs. After a point, you’re left with nothing more than sandwich fillers in your hands, with nothing to grip them by. What to do?

Well, if you’ve got enough lettuce available, you could perform a mock-Atkins finish. Or, if your remaining toppings are relatively easy to eat on their own, the choice may not be so difficult.

But what really drives me nuts is when you’re left with a hunk of hamburger or grilled chicken in your hands. Sure, if the meat was good, you might be tempted to plow right on through and polish off that bad boy. I find that such a sandwich is more delectable when it’s a medley of tastes. It sure beats the last impression of the sandwich being the tang of meat hastily-crammed in at the last minute.

That reminds me, I need to thank whoever thought of Texas Toast.

Let Running Out Of Bun Before Running Out Of Sandwich Die

Photo Credits: Here


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