You, Cell Phone Slave

How long can you honestly say that you can go without a cell phone? 10 minutes? Half a day? A full day? A week? Two or three weeks? A month? 6 months? A year? More than a year? (Feel free to tell me in the comments, as it would be difficult for me to hear your voice if you decided to say it out loud, even if you screamed it.)

The more I look around, I begin to question if you even CAN go 10 minutes without a cell phone. I’m speaking from the position of someone who gets along without texting or apps. I actually use the “phone” portion of the cell phone (fiddle around, yours might be able to make calls, who knows), and even then I have 3 minute conversations maximum. I have found that I don’t need to use a cell phone as if it was oxygen.

You take pleasure out of social situations. As to avoid talking or even eye contact, you shield your face with a tiny screen and a tiny plastic keypad. This defense mechanism is offputting, yes, but that’s because it is RUDE. You do not even make the attempt to reach out to the physical world and instead lose yourself in a meaningless display of missed messages and poorly spelled gossip. I find you repulsive to look at when you hide behind a marvel of technology that you treat like an idiotic window to your perceived world. You miss the beauty of the present moment.

I’m not opposed to anyone using a cell phone to create social stimulation, of course. I just prefer that you make an effort to take a remote interest in a public setting in which your distracted appearance would upset people. Furthermore, I do not enjoy when you constantly whine and complain about broken phones or dropped phones or waterlogged phones or toilet-claimed phones or broken cell phone towers or ruined keypads. Why? Because you tend to complain to everyone you hope will listen. And when this audience includes me, my judgment is that you care more about an object than a person.

And that’s the sickening state of your dependence on a cell phone.

You, Cell Phone Slave, Need to Die.

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2 responses to “You, Cell Phone Slave

  1. Fighterlegend

    I was without technology for a maximum of 2 months! I did miss my computer, since I didn’t have any music players, I couldn’t listen to music. Only the sound of the cars engine and the tires rubbing against the road.
    Road trips are always fun. All I had was the TV in the hotel rooms. 😀
    Sometimes they didn’t even have a TV. Just a bed.

    Anyway, I had a cell phone for about a month, then my mom took it back. I use it about twice a week to text a friend if anything is going to happen this week or next week.

  2. While I admit I do use my phone for a huge amount of things other than making calls, I also know when it is time to silence it and stash it. If I am at dinner (home or out to eat) I do not pull out my phone. and many other times…on a date there is nothing I need on my phone that cannot wait.

    But yes we are way too addicted to them and the 5 days w/o the phone and electricity 2yrs back when hurricane Ike tossed wind storms through our area, well it was nice to sit outside and talk to neighbors because there was nothing else to do!

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