Your Desire to be Correct

(Thanks to Megan R. for the idea)

There is one thing you need to know. At some point in your life, you will be wrong. You will find yourself defending a hopeless position, and it’ll be up to you to figure out what to do next. The intelligent thing to do would be to abandon your way of thinking and gain insight from your mistake. What you tend to do too often, however, is boldly assert that your claim is still valid. You stick to your empty guns and denounce everyone who is, in fact, correct, as a liar and a miscreant. Your inability to find fault with your reasoning is the sign of a mind unwillling to perceive things on a larger scale beyond oneself, and I want no part of your idiocy in this regard.

Not only will you fight tooth and nail for your correctness, you go on to “correct” others who don’t fit in your social/behavioral norms. Slight alterations and outright defamation are your tools for improving others, and you take pride in their public ridicule for being in the wrong. You go out of your way to highlight other’s mistakes and punish them by enlarging the problem. Then you, Knight In Shining Correctness Armor, ride in on your Steed of Knowledge and whack the offender’s head off with your Sword of +3 Humiliation.

This is a terrifyingly common behavior in people. I detest it. Being right does not take position over being a good person. Ever. It’s when you overstep your bounds or when you over inflate your ego that two rights start making wrongs.

And for anyone who was ready and waiting to shout out that “unwilling” has three l’s in it in my post should feel like they’ve missed the point entirely.

Your Desire to be Correct Needs To Die

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One response to “Your Desire to be Correct

  1. Eh, I only correct people if they’re typing is like:
    r u lke awsum cus i lke u alot.

    Or things like that.
    A lot is two separate words, sheesh.

    You’re lucky I didn’t proof-read this article for any grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes. xD

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